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Let's Shift Together

Join Laura Bolton for this multi video mini-course which gives you the opportunity to experience powerful shifts in perspective that will help you navigate these times with less stress, more peace and greater ease. All in under an hour. 


Frustrated, irritated or angry so many people are "asleep”?

Struggling to understand why others are still complying or buying into the mainstream narrative?

Experiencing loss of relationships, or conflict and division with loved ones?

Feeling that what's happening in our world or your life is “bad”, and perhaps dreading the future?


If so, this mini course will help.


"When I experienced this mini-course, I felt such an alignment between what Laura shares and the deeper wisdom within me, like a guiding hand re-aligning my mind to my inner, creative power." - Josh


*Flexible Pricing: We honor that everyone's life circumstance is different. Please register at the price that feels perfect to you. 

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