Increasingly people are feeling a sense of disconnection. There's a misalignment. The way we live and the conditions of our modern world are pulling us further and further away from our human nature and design, which is manifesting as physical, mental and emotional challenges.

The Five Connections™ are the areas which I believe collectively hold the key to the health of our mind, body and soul. Each connection impacts each of us in different ways, and all are interconnected.


The Five Connections™



Connection to self is being connected to your heart and soul. It's self awareness, self belief and self love. It's living an authentic life thats aligned with your values. It's feeling whole and fulfilled from within, and possessing a sense of purpose and meaning in life.




Connection to others is having meaningful human connection, community and belonging. It's having healthy relationships, being surrounded with people and influences that serve you, and making a positive contribution to the lives of others.




Connection to food is a relationship with real food, understanding the story behind what you put in your body and the effect it has on your health. Its falling in love with food that loves you back and enjoying that relationship for life.




Connection to environment is being at one with the natural environment. It's connecting with the elements, making your physical environment work for you and minimising exposure to external sources of toxicity.




Connection to movement is moving like our ancestors, engaging in nutritious movement through various types of physical activities for which our bodies are naturally designed. It's also the movement and release of energy from our emotional body.