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Note: I cover this topic in more detail in my podcast episode of the same title HERE

Ive noticed over time that I’m becoming increasingly intolerant to anyone or anything which doesn’t resonate with me. At this point its like whatever feels out of alignment is literally unbearable, at a deep level. This can range from disinterest or discomfort in my body like something feels a bit “off”, to a full on aversion. Things I used to be ok with and tolerate, whether it be certain peoples energy or behaviour, to activities, what online content I consume, and my physical environment are now a clear no no.

Perhaps you can relate?

Alot of people tell me they feel off, like somethings not right. Its either a sense of tiredness, overwhelm or sadness, like a low flat feeling, or more hightened like a sense of agitation and anxiety.

I know these feelings well and I refer to them as “Soulful Depression” or “Soulful Anxiety”. I’ve learnt from my personal lived experience and working with others, that this can be largely attributed to us living out of alignment with our true essence, our needs and how we are designed as humans to live.

I’m becoming more and more attuned to whats aligned, whats resonant, what feels right / good for me and what doesn’t. And just as importantly, Im honouring all this through action.

Some examples:

  • Deciding to stop using social media and minimise alt media / online consumption
  • Refining my influences in terms of what content I consume, and who I listen to.
  • My physical environment eg I decided the other day I didn’t feel good living in my apartment any more due to increased noise and the energy I was feeling being there, so I got straight online, found a place which I viewed the following day and took it. I don’t mess about.
  • Disconnecting from certain people (I cover this in more detail in my podcast episode 4: False Light Deceivers, Scammers & Fakers). My circle is now very small and only consists of those I feel energetically aligned with, and I’m more discerning about who I collaborate and work with.
  • Avoiding certain events/social groups or exiting when I’m “not feeling it”
  • Going off certain foods and feeling drawn to others.

In short, if something is not working, isn’t feeling right for me, is weighing me down or holding me back from being in my fullest most authentic expression, or clouding my true essence, I release it or avoid it. If I don’t feel like doing something I don’t. I do what I feel inspired to. I'm also noticing the narratives of “should” (or “shouldn’t”) that come up. I honour my needs. Im craving simplicity, which requires a clearing out of whats not aligned. Releasing, and having greater discernment about what and who to let into my field, has led to me feeling lighter, clearer, less overwhelmed, more at peace and with more energy. It also makes space for people and things that do serve my soul.

Our time in this life is short, why spend any time or energy on things which aren’t aligned?

I’ve been contemplating what has caused this increased intolerance for the non aligned and my ability to take action around it, and I feel its a result of a few things over time:

* Perhaps my frequency has shifted, or I’ve gone up a notch in terms of consciousness
* Increased healing of my nervous system, and trauma driven coping mechanisms/behaviours
* Practice connecting with the wisdom of my body, and taking action based on that
* Being fed up betraying my soul/deeper self

Resonance is a feeling. Remember, the body holds deep wisdom. Is it a yes in my body or a no / somethings off? Does it lighten me up or weigh me down?

On this note I will add that there is a relationship here to trauma/nervous system dysregulation, and discernment is somewhat dependant on our ability to be in our body and feel, which I talk a bit more about in the podcast episode.

In terms of honouring those feelings and needs and taking appropriate action, I believe it’s very much rooted in how much we love, value, respect and trust ourself AND being self aware, knowing our values/what truly matters to us. Plus our willingness, capacity and ability to have healthy boundaries with ourself and others (the ability to say no is a big issue for many of us I know). It also requires a degree of non attachment, surrender, letting go, grieving, and acceptance.

Many of us struggle with all this, because of a lifetime of conditioning, learnt behaviours/coping mechanisms from trauma, ego, and fears. We also tend to be unconsciously addicted to whats familiar and afraid of change which can be various reasons.

But when you address these things, and the more you practice, by making decisions and taking action (baby steps), the more we build courage and self trust, the easier it gets and the better it feels.

Plus, as you become more discerning and courageous, and make different choices, the further you heal, grow and evolve.

For a more in depth look at this check out the podcast (Episode 6)

Laura x

P.S I have a 6 month group programme starting first week May and part of it will be addressing the things im talking about here. will be sharing full details very soon . Be sure to jump on my mailing list of you arent already.


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