Private Coaching

Coaching is an art that I love, and those who work with me know it. I’m truly excited by the possibilities that exist for us all, and what can be created within a powerful conversation.


Over the past 20 years, I’ve witnessed my clients experience transformative shifts in their reality. From moments of clarity, dissolving blocks and getting unstuck, to expansion into new possibilities, achieving their potential and creating what they want.


Not everyone is coachable. I only work with people who take personal responsibility, are willing to be honest, are open to difficult conversations, lean in when they struggle, and take action or ask for help in doing so.


My one-on-one work is not teaching, therapy, or counselling. My approach is a blend of powerful coaching conversations and a wide range of philosophies, wisdom and modalities. And I go deep, because I'm committed to helping you achieve deep and lasting results.


If you want to explore what's possible for you, get in touch with me by emailing

[email protected]


Packages start at $10k (USD)


"I'm not the same person I was before hiring Laura. She's freakishly brilliant ... And it gets even better. Her level of commitment to her clients is unparalleled. She really cares"


"Laura is the guide my soul had been yearning for. I am in deep gratitude to have found her mentorship on my journey. She continually empowers me to peel back the layers of programming, embody my true essence, stand in my truth and most importantly to share the message only I can share. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without Laura"