Humans are group beings, designed for deep connection, community and belonging. Today we find ourselves more "connected" than ever yet as a human collective we're increasingly disconnected from our true selves and others. Many of us are emotionally hungry, deficient in "soul nutrients" and experiencing feelings of emptiness, pointlessness and loneliness. This is causing great damage to our health, our lives and the planet. This workshop provides a container for learning, growth and true connection to occur, and provides pure nourishment for the heart and soul. 


The worlds top business leaders and entrepreneurs understand that to be their best selves and perform optimally in life, they need to be in top condition; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. However various factors create chronic stress and anxiety which can damage motivation, confidence, engagement, decision making, memory, focus, accuracy, creativity, productivity and ultimately health and enjoyment of life.

Through a holistic blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, and hacks used by the worlds top performers, this workshop for leadership and management teams gets to the root of the issue, and guides participants to unleash their inner alchemist and eliminate all unnecessary stress and anxiety from their lives.