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The Detox With a Difference


Those of us who are awake know that the "powers that shouldn't be" are poisoning us left right and centre, possibly in ways we arent even aware of.


It's all by design, because they want us weak and sick. Sadly, being aware of the nefarious agendas doesn't make us exempt from the effects of the toxic onslaught.


Poor health is a form of slavery, and one of the most powerful ways we can free ourselves and embody non-consent is to get as healthy as possible. Minimising what I call our "toxic load" is absolutely essential to this.


In this digital mini-course you'll learn what you need to know about "toxic load", and easy practical ways to reduce it in a sustainable way, all with zero to minimal financial cost.


"I love the bathtub analogy! Now I look at detoxing in a different way and after following Laura's guidance my health has improved significantly"  - Simon


It's the low hassle, low stress approach I've used to help myself and clients overcome my own health challenges and prevent illness.


Once you have this foundational knowledge the power is in your hands, and when you implement it you can enjoy more energy and vitality, improved mood, clearer thinking and reduce your chances of getting sick and developing more serious disease, for life.


Laura x


What's Included


Video 1: The Bathtub of Toxicity

Video 2: Combat The 16 Poisons

Video 3: Improve Your Pathways


+ BONUS VIDEO: Supercharge your Detox

+ 8 Page PDF Booklet



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Disclaimer: The information shared in this mini-course is not intended to be medical advice. I simple share what I've learnt and what I and others have benefited from.