Being a purpose driven leader or entrepreneur and working to make a difference in the world can be tough. It often means going into the unknown and operating in that space. You may be going against dogma and the status quo, and will certainly encounter resistance and obstacles along the way. It means dealing with a multitude of pressures and demands. It can also feel lonely and vulnerable, and downright scary at times. And if the buck stops with you it can feel like a lot on your shoulders.

To succeed in your mission and enjoy a great quality of life you must prioritise yourself. You need high quality sleep, abundant energy, optimum brain function, inner strength and confidence, and a high level of resilience to deal with all the pressures and demands that life is throwing at you.


Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • Stress and / or anxiety

  • Less than amazing sleep

  • Sub-optimal brain function (foggy head, memory and concentration issues)

  • Struggling with unpleasant emotions like sadness, shame, helplessness, anger, vulnerability, embarrassment, disappointment, or frustration

  • Impatience / short fuse

  • Feeling exhausted / burning out

  • Feeling mentally / emotionally drained

  • Lack of emotional bandwidth

  • Overwhelm

  • Lacking confidence, being self critical or not feeling good enough

  • Worrying about and being held back by what others may think / say / do

  • Experiencing a sense of emptiness, loneliness, disconnection, or like something is missing in your heart

  • Seeking external things to make you feel good, or over consuming e.g shopping, social media, food, alcohol, exercise (the list goes on)

  • Gastrointestinal issues (e.g heartburn, acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, loose stools)

How many of these issues are you experiencing? A couple? A few? All of them?


And what's the knock on effect? How much is it costing you? The consequences may include making mistakes, being unproductive, damaging the quality of your relationships, not creating the financial abundance you desire, not fully putting yourself out there and pursuing your dreams, settling for a life that’s less than awesome, or the greatest tragedy of all..... finding yourself full of regrets at the end of your life.


Perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, in a cycle or patterns you’ve been unable to break free from, or its reached a point where you’ve become so sick of yourself and your situation, you're finally willing to commit to action.


What would life look like for you without your current limitations? How would you feel? What would you be able to achieve? What would be the effect on your business, your finances and the quality of your relationships with others?


Lasting change starts from within. You may need to address your mindset, de-condition yourself, and get rid of limiting beliefs, unhelpful patterns, behaviours and habits, replacing them with ones that serve you. Maybe you've found other people try to hold you back and sabotage your efforts to change, or you've simply lacked the guidance, support and accountability you need.


Up-leveling can be challenging. I understand because I’ve been through it. All of it; the fear, the uncomfortable emotions, the obstacles, the resistance and derailing attempts from others, the discomfort of growth and change, and the unbeatable feeling of freedom that results.

My approach is holistic and bespoke. It combines teaching (knowledge, tools and techniques) based in ancient wisdom with powerful coaching conversations. We'll focus on achieving the outcomes most important to you. We'll get to the root cause of your challenges and address these to make a tangible and lasting difference to your life.


Understand that to work with me you must be willing to be open and honest with me and yourself, be fully committed to the journey and do the work required.

When you work with me you’re investing time, money and energy. In order for you to fully invest you must believe in the value of doing so, and because we would be entering into a partnership it’s important that we both feel happy to work together. For this reason, I offer a

complimentary discovery session.


When you book this session with me there's zero expectation or obligation. I simply ask that you be willing and able to proceed should you decide this is the best way for you to achieve the changes you desire.


12 Months = $20,000

6 Months   = $12,000 

2 Months   = $5,000 

Each Package Includes:

  • One-on-one sessions 

  • Post session summaries + support resources, via email

  • Between session support via email / WhatsApp


+ Option to add testing for personalised data (at home DNA, Gut, Blood & Telomere tests available)

All sessions are video call via Zoom where possible


If you're ready to step up to a new level of health, abundance and performance in life please schedule your complimentary session.