• I was born and raised in London, England. 

  • I have a degree in Psychology, I'm a certified NLP Practitioner and for the last few years I've studied in the areas of Ancestral Health, Functional Medicine and Biohacking.

  • previously had a corporate career spanning 15 years, working in change management, learning & development and executive coaching.

  • Twenty years ago I discovered the world of personal development and have continued to evolve and invest in my personal growth ever since.

  • I'm intellectually curious and love learning. My favourite questions are "why"? and "what if"?

  • consider myself respectfully disruptive, a rebel with a cause so to speak, as I love to question dogma and the status quo. I believe this is the key to our personal freedom and making real progress in the world.

  • I'm fascinated by the mind - body connection, and it forms an integral part of my work.

  • I truly believe in one life no regrets, so I've created a lifestyle that allows me to be my healthiest self, successfully serve others doing what I love, and have the freedom to travel and experience the wonders of the world. Having travelled to many countries and lived in the UK, Spain and South Africa I now find myself 40 years young and loving life in Bali Indonesia.

  • I've overcome numerous physical ailments, as well as the symptoms of anxiety, depression and chronic stress. All with zero pharmaceuticals or medical intervention. At one point I found myself without money, house and home, and most of my material possessions. I've experienced bullying and toxic relationships, and many other challenges. Yet I'm grateful for all of it.


If it's of interest you can read more about my personal journey below: 

Feeling Like Crap


Years ago I suffered from something I call FLC (Feel Like Crap) Syndrome.


A typical day would go something like this; My alarm would bleep and the sinking feeling in my stomach would commence. I'd struggle to get up, with a heavy foggy head. Some days I'd feel so low I'd sit on the edge of my bed and cry, or multitask and have a cry whilst I showered.  After a coffee and breakfast I'd perk up a bit, however by 11am I'd be hungry and craving sugar and carbs. I was also never quite sure when IBS symptoms (bloating, stomach pains, constipation, gas, diarrhoea, gurgling tummy) would appear, to preoccupy me and disrupt my day. I'd have headaches and afternoon energy slumps which I'd try to remedy with caffeine and sugar, but by 4pm I was feeling so tired and emotionally low I'd almost be asleep at my desk, and often went home early. Then I'd spend the evening on the sofa watching TV and feeling rather sad and pointless. It was like groundhog day.


Essentially, I didn’t have the freedom to experience life in the way I wanted to. 


I didn’t have the confidence, energy and strength I once had, and found myself spending more and more time managing symptoms (or the disruption they caused). Enjoying a work conference or social engagement when you feel anxious, exhausted and have IBS? Fat chance. I'd lost my ability to perform optimally at work. I felt overwhelmed and struggled to stay focused and retain information. I'd dread delivering presentations and workshops (something I previously loved) because my brain just wasn't working like it used to, causing me to lose my train of thought or forget what I intended to say. If I was so much in the same room as someone with a cold I'd catch it, which was another regular blow. I also had a persistent feeling of anxiety knawing away at me, and as my loss of confidence and zest for life deepened I became more and more withdrawn. 

I did my best to hide all this as I felt embarrassed, vulnerable and worried no one would understand.


I was burnt out and felt like crap. I realised that if something didn’t change it would only get worse, and without my health I’d eventually have nothing. It became my priority and has remained so to this day.


I didn't know what I didn't know. Until I did. I discovered the functional and integrative approach to health which focuses on understanding the root cause of symptoms and addressing them with a whole person approach. I learnt that I was suffering with "lifestyle illness", the result of a disconnect between the way I was living and how we humans are designed to live. It was a portal into a whole new world. The root cause and holistic approach seemed so common sense, I struggled to believe I hadn’t known it before.


I realised my body, mind and soul had been giving me signs, trying to communicate with me to look after myself better. I chose to listen. 

My intellectual curiosity got me completely absorbed in this new exciting world, learning things that questioned and challenged mainstream thinking, dogma and the status quo, which to be honest have never really been my thing. I decided I was going to be in control of my life and not be told I can't do something, or let other people or circumstances have control over me. Finally, I'd unplugged from "the matrix". I discovered the various ways my health and wellbeing were being hijacked and how we are self healing miracles of nature which can thrive if we give them the environment they need to function optimally.


The volume of information I opened myself up to was a bit overwhelming so I'm fortunate and grateful that I had the time and head space to learn. Over the years I've sought out the very best authorities in the field of holistic health, wellbeing and performance and invested countless hours in learning through books, podcasts, articles, courses, events and being part of various communities of knowledgeable and likeminded individuals. 


There's certainly no magic quick-fix pill, and my journey of transformation was gradual. This is unsurprising given it takes several years or even decades for us to get into the situations we find ourselves in. I started swapping things that weren’t serving me for things that did. I made incremental changes which became habits, and then the norm. And the more I learnt the more impact I was able to have on my health, and so emerged a purpose and passion to help others like me improve the quality of their lives. 


The Second Wave


Once my health was on track, I had an experience of trauma, unexpectedly finding myself alone, with no home or money, and lost most of my material possessions. This was followed by a sustained period of psychological stress, and what I now call "soulful depression". Despite my healthy diet and lifestyle habits, my health was severely effected. Most seriously, my brain felt like it was broken, I had a mild case of PTSD, developed Fibromyalgia and even experienced a minor stroke. 


I look back on that period of my life with gratitude because losing "everything" gave me the opportunity to find myself. It was the catalyst for a spiritual journey and process of self discovery, which deepened my passion and knowledge about the mind - body - soul connection and the effect of psychological stress on our health, how to address it and how to build resilience to protect against it. It taught me what really matters in life. It allowed me to reconnect to my soul, decondition myself, address limiting beliefs, transform my mindset, see the world through a different lens and relate to myself and others at a deeper level. Ultimately I was able to overcome my circumstances and various obstacles to build a business helping others transform their lives, whilst creating a life that I love, on my terms.