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The Sovereigns way is a private membership club that shares mind blowing knowledge on how to be free in the world, and help liberate you from the matrix "control system"

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5 Perspective Shifts


A mini-course which gives you the opportunity to experience powerful shifts in perspective that will help you navigate these times with less stress, more peace and greater ease.

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Detox Made Easy


A mini-course of clear, simple and practical guidance to reduce your "toxic load" so you can enjoy greater energy and vitality, clearer thinking, and avoid getting sick, for life.

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Social Media Liberation


A FREE 40 minute masterclass for anyone who's in a toxic relationship with social media, and wants to learn how to liberate themselves from the grips of digital slavery.

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Life Wave Patches


A next generation energy healing solution: Use for pain relief, injury healing, cell regeneration, slowing aging, increasing energy, improving sleep and more

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What's New

What's New

Podcast is now live!

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