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Updated: Sep 29, 2019

(Podcast #1 Transcript)

Hello and Welcome to the first episode of the Be More Human Podcast. I'm your host Laura Bolton and I’ve created this podcast with the intention of guiding you to become the master of your own health. This is something I’m super excited about and I’m grateful to be here doing it. I really hope that by listening you’ll gain more power and freedom to feel great, experience life in the way you want, and make the impact you desire in the world.

So what’s with the podcast name - Be More Human?

Well, let me start by sharing a belief and a vision with you.I believe that Health is the foundation for the house of life, so to speak. It’s something on which everything is built, including our performance in all areas of life. The great leaders and impactors know this, and are vocal about it. People that I follow and respect such as Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Jim Kwik, Vishen Lakhiani, Tom Bilyeu. Even super hustler Gary Vee is now talking about it. The list just goes on.

And by health I take a broad, holistic and interconnected view. So for me, health is not the absence of illness. When I refer to health I mean thriving, in all aspects - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I myself know only too well how our health affects every aspect of our life and our ability to make a difference to others. And not only does sub-optimal health hold us back, it can actually create negative impact - on loved ones, colleagues, health services, communities, society, the economy and the overall wellbeing of our planet. It’s kind of a butterfly effect.

However, on the flip side, when you upgrade your health, you upgrade your experience of life and your ability to realise your full potential and create the impact you desire.

In terms of a vision, I have one which is very clear and compelling for me. I see a collective of awesome people who are all committed to growth, and to making a difference and creating some kind of positive impact in the world. I’m talking about the movers and shakers, the visionaries, dreamers and change makers. The curious souls, the respectful disruptors and the rebels with a great cause. I see them all living as their most vibrant healthy selves, thriving mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and supporting and elevating each other in the process.

When I imagine the potential for this kind of collective power it literally makes me giddy with excitement.

Now my purpose, my way of creating impact is guiding and supporting others to make their impact, and I’m driven to add radical value to those people. This podcast is just one tool, one step towards achieving this vision. So, whatever your “vocation”, mission or purpose so to speak, if you want to add more life into your years and make a difference to others, Ive created this for you.

I think I'm driven to do the work I do because it really saddens and frustrates me to think of those of us who have so much to give, and the desire to do so but feel held back, just like I used to be. I know of countless people who have amazing ideas, intentions and potential but they just aren’t making it happen because they aren’t living as their most vibrant selves.

Most people don’t even know what great feels like. We slowly get used to feeling average and then start to believe it’s just “the way it is”.

I'm observing more and more of us experiencing a variety of symptoms.

Theres the Physical stuff like lack of energy or stamina, feeling run down or getting sick, excess weight, bloating, weight fluctuations or just not feeling good in own skin. Poor quality sleep, and gastrointestinal issues such as IBS symptoms.

And then there’s Brain functioning - getting brain fog and cloudy thinking, reduced processing power and cognitive function, lack of focus and problems with memory.

And then there’s the Mental and emotional stuff - feeling drained, fatigue and weighed down emotionally, feeling overwhelmed, limiting mindset, lack of confidence, self doubt, the loss of desire to be social and the onset of social anxiety. The inability to deal with the demands and pressures of this crazy world. heightened stress, anxiety, you know, those feelings of emotional anguish. And then also those low mood feelings so the depressed mood, feeling demotivated and pointless. And then even loss of sex drive. Or just generally not feeling fabulous.

Ive experienced every single one of these symptoms at some point and so I really know how it feels and what the various consequences are.

And when I say symptoms, they are just that, symptoms. And ALL symptoms have a root cause.

I called this podcast Be More Human because I believe that Being More Human is the key to overcoming these challenges and thriving. Challenges of our body and mind, whilst they’re common, and sadly on the rise, are not actually “normal”. We are designed by nature to thrive. I believe our symptoms are a product of the modern world, the way we live, our internal and external environments, and the cumulative effect of these things over time.

I believe it’s a misalignment, a disconnection within five areas of being human which I call The Five Connections™. These are connections to:

1. Ourselves

2. Others

3. Food

4. Movement

5. Environment

And this can’t be solved by popping pills and other so called quick fixes.

I’m particularly noticing challenges around mental and emotional health, which in addition to feeling unpleasant, also effects our physical health AND drives unhelpful behaviours and prevents us from making positive changes. It is this, and especially the mind - body connection which is something I’m really passionate about and as such it is a key focus area in my work and this podcast.

I’m sensing, as a human collective there’s an increasing yearning to live in a different way. I really think more and more of us are realising that feeling crappy is not the way it needs to be and have had enough of not experiencing life in the way we want to.

Let me share with you a little bit more about the podcast and what you can expect.

I feel that the world of health (and to be honest, the world in general) has become over complicated and it feels kind of “heavy”. There’s a saturation of books, podcasts, articles, videos, posts, quotes, infographics. You name it, It’s never-ending.

I could clone myself a hundred times over and still wouldn’t get through all the relevant content out there.

And also, whilst there’s a lot of crap content out there, much of the content is great so if your intellectually curious like me you want to know right? But you also have so many other things that you want to do, like actually live, and change the world etc. This can lead to overwhelm, analysis paralysis, and mental fatigue.

I also find many people don’t know where to start or what to believe, so they just either shut down and avoid. Or they get addicted to the point of distraction (book and podcast addicts you know what I’m talking about - just consuming so much content but not really using or implementing the knowledge.

I know I’ve certainly experienced this and I actually dealt with it by narrowing it down to a few high quality sources and specific topics that were important to me.

I have consumed a lot of content but this is my passion and my work in the world. In creating this podcast I had in mind those of you who want to focus on your life and your mission and don’t wish to spend huge amounts of time or emotional bandwidth consuming and working through masses of content every week to figure things out.

I’ve also observed that there’s a lack of the practical when it comes to our health. As in, how do you actually do it, how do you make changes? For example I know I need to get better quality sleep or I know I need to heal my gut or I know it will be benefit me if I care less about what people think, but HOW on earth do I actually do these things?

Being informed is important - we need knowledge as we often don’t even know what we don’t know, then theres the practical know how, but then there’s actually doing it.

Ive spent years learning and growing through study, observation and experience in the world of personal development, functional medicine, ancestral health, Ayurveda, and natural biohacking. I’ll be sharing information from leaders in their field, plus insights, ideas, perspectives, wisdom and practical tools that I’ve personally found to be effective, so that this can serve you either as a central resource or at least a good place to start.

I’ll try my best to demystify and simplify things, whilst avoiding complicated jargon. My style is pretty honest and straight talking and I’m committed to providing as much value as possible in the least amount of time because after all time is our most coveted unrenewable resource, and I have as much respect for your time as I do for my own (which is a lot by the way).

To start with the episodes will just be myself and in time I’ll probably bring other people in on it. But lets see how it evolves.

If this all sounds like it will be helpful for you then jump on board and join me for the next episode where I’ll be sharing my 6 guiding principles for understanding and taking control of your health.

I realise the content won’t necessarily be helpful to the same degree for everyone because we are all in different places and have different levels of knowledge. So if the stuff I'm talking about isn't new to you thats great, you’re streets ahead, and I encourage you to find something thats more helpful for where you’re currently at.

However, if you do find the content of the episodes helpful I will be super grateful if you will just take just 1 minute to leave a rating and feedback for the podcast. The reality is that the more 5 star ratings and feedback a podcast receives the more people t will become visible to and then the more people we can reach and impact. So I really appreciate your help with that. Also feel free to share with anyone else you think may be interested.

I’d also love to connect with you and it will be amazing to hear your feedback, and any questions / topics you’d like me to cover in future. That will really help me to evolve this into something of radical value.

Finally If you want to find out my back story, the work I do, more about the Five Connections™ and all that jazz there’s plenty of info on my website www.laurajanebolton.com. And you can also connect with my via facebook or instagram.

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