Starts 1st March 2024


You want to provide value to others and make an impact. You have hunger, passion and drive. You're whole-heartedly committed to creating a thriving coaching-based business.

You’re either unsure how to start and maybe feel overwhelmed, or you’ve made a start, but are frustrated as you don’t seem to be getting very far.

Here’s the truth about creating a prosperous, coaching-based business … It's challenging, and most people fail. In fact most "coaches" earn less than $20k a year, and find themselves staying on (or going back to) someone else’s payroll.


Why does this happen? Three reasons:

1. You haven't built the foundations effectively
2. You aren't competent at client creation
3. You aren't competent at coaching


This program will help you build a successful coaching-based business without the need for a fancy website, social media, or staying on top of the latest marketing trends.


Imagine the freedom of covering your living expenses (and more) solely from your own business income. No more working a job you don’t love, or worrying about making ends meet. And importantly, doing work that feels enjoyable and fulfilling. And knowing that no-one can take any of it away from you.


If you’re ready to become a competent and abundant coach, I will help you succeed.


If this opportunity excites you, get in touch for more details: [email protected]


“Now is the time to get serious about living your ideals. How long can you afford to put off who you really want to be? Your nobler self cannot wait any longer. Put your principles into practice, now. Stop the excuses and the procrastination. This is your life! You aren't a child anymore. The longer you wait, the more you'll be vulnerable to mediocrity and feel filled with shame and regret, because you know you are capable of better. From this instant on, vow to stop disappointing yourself. Separate yourself from the mob. Decide to be extraordinary and do what you need to do, now”
- Epictetus