“Adopting the Paleo approach has completely transformed me. I had issues with my digestion, energy and mood, which were negatively effecting all areas of my life. Working with Laura has been such a positive experience and I had never actually realised how good it was possible to feel until now. I will never go back". 


"I was fed up with excess weight, feeling tired, lethargic and having a daily lack of get up and go. Through working with Laura I realised that I was learning to transform my life. I truly do not believe I would have learnt what I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without her. I now get out of bed with a spring in my step and embrace the day. 

Laura is the utmost professional yet she is compassionate and dedicated. Working with her I have managed to meet my personal health goals and live a happier, healthier life. It is amazing how alert and energized I feel, and I can’t thank her enough."


“I’ve known and worked with Laura for a while now. In my experience results are guaranteed if you work with her. 


What surprised me the most about Laura isn’t just the incredible results she gets but how passionately and individually she treats people she works with. As a Personal Trainer I send my clients to her when they are in need of addressing their gut health, losing weight and getting their health to a place they can be truly happy. 


To say I would recommend people to Laura is an understatement. I will always send people her way as I know they will not only be treated with the utmost respect and importance but because they will get results." 


“I started working with Laura primarily to sort out my stress and energy issues. As an entrepreneur I have big goals and work hard, yet I was surviving on sugar, caffeine, adrenalin and limited sleep, which was making me feel anxious and exhausted. Working with Laura I managed to get my body functioning better and I now prioritise self care. My energy levels have dramatically improved and I believe I am more resilient and productive as a result (and people tell me I'm nicer to be around too)!"