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Being a freedom lover isn't easy...


I'm here to support you on your journey


Do you ever feel like you're living on a gangsta planet, trying to navigate an apocalypse in an upside-down clown world? You're not alone.

Being aware of whats happening to humanity and navigating day to day life at this time can feel heavy, cause us mental and emotional suffering, and make us weary. The tyrannical nonsense is far from over and there will be more challenges to come.

If we're going to thrive, show up fully and avoid going completely insane, its critical that we prioritise ourselves and our inner world, and become as well and resilient as possible.

The Shift Members Community is your sanctuary from the chaos and overwhelm. A safe and supportive space to share and receive. A place to heal, expand and rise. An opportunity to connect and converse with others on a similar journey, and who "get it".

Through content which offers wisdom & guidance, in community, you'll have the opportunity to experience inner shifts that will give you inner freedom and empower you to live with less stress and greater peace and joy, and create a life you're worthy of.

Laura x

Together We Will Explore

Inner Work

Heal emotional wounds, de-condition yourself from limiting programming, reconnect to who you truly are, reclaim your sovereignty, and feel well and resilient in your mind-body and soul.

Navigating Life

Deal with human interactions and day to day situations with courage and confidence, show up as your best self, take lifes colourful challenges in your stride and create the life you want and deserve.

In Community

There's great power in being on this journey with others. We aren't meant to do it alone. Others sharing their perspectives and experiences, and offering encouragement and support, makes all the difference.

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Who The Shift is For

Freedom loving, sovereignty seeking Men and Women who are aware of what's going on in our world. Who are tired of chaos, overwhelm, stress, emotional pain and mental anguish. Who are on a journey of "inner awakening" and ready to take full personal responsibility for themselves; to heal, feel well, build resilience and be fully sovereign. Who want to experience that journey in community with others like them. Ultimately they want to create a great life, live fully and free, and have a positive impact on the collective.

The Vibe

Heart-centred, safe, supportive and respectful. We have REAL talk about real issues, thats relevant and relatable to this human experience and what's going on in our world. We are open and honest, and focus on making progress over complaining or being in victimhood. The wisdom shared is practical and grounded - no airy fairy fluff. Plus there's a healthy dose of humor & light heartedness in the mix.

What you get


✓ Monthly Community Check-ins (LIVE)

✓ Monthly Masterclasses & Workshops

✓ Weekly Video Musings

✓ Community Forum

✓ Wellness Sessions

✓ Guest Sessions

✓ Access to Content Archive

✓ Spontaneous Bonus Treats

+ Access to my 6 week workshop series "Mastering Triggers & Emotions" worth $500


$44 / Month


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"I'm not the same person I was before hiring Laura. I feel like I've learned a degree in health consciousness, and adopted powerful routines and habits as a result of her coaching. She's freakishly brilliant, and I don’t believe I've ever met anyone who knows as much about as many areas of wellness as she does. And it gets even better. Her level of commitment to her clients is unparalleled. She really cares, and I couldn’t possibly consume all the content that she shares with me specific to my personal health on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels" 


 “I feel blessed to have Laura by my side as a guiding light on this sovereign soul journey. I've encountered quite a few people who are spiritual, however Laura's added emphasis on seeking the truth of what's really going on, doing the inner work and aligning that with the mind body gives her an awesome edge over many coaches. Her knowledge, wisdom and self trust is empowering, while her sense of humour helps me tremendously in dismantling the collective trauma of the trance we've all been under." 


"Laura walks the talk, and has a gift for listening and connecting. Being at a tough point the last few years following massive grief, health challenges that followed, and the current external stressors in the world I have been so grateful to already have access to such a brilliant resource and support system like Laura. If you are looking to step into your own truth, ready to do the work and are committed to the process I am certain you can move mountains with her on your team.


"Laura is essential in these shifting times. She provides a clear perspective grounded in truth and has the confidence to be heard. I loved our collaboration, it was an effortless example of the evolved connections we all desire. That is, acknowledgment of the realities of the world as it is, while providing compassion based solutions to create the future we all deserve. She is a true example of what it means to live in Higher Energetic Resonance!" 


"Laura is the guide my soul had been yearning for. Because she models so well what standing in your truth looks and feels like. I am in deep gratitude to have found her mentorship on my journey. Laura continually empowers me to peel back the layers of programming, embody my true essence, stand in my truth and most importantly to share the message only I can share. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without everything Laura has poured into me."


"Living authentically from her heart while staying firmly grounded in truth and sovereignty, Laura has a special resonance to her. She has a natural gift for sharing her knowledge and helping others live authentically and free themselves”


"Laura is the embodiment of walking the talk. She’s deeply rooted in the values and principles she advocates for, and applies and honors these in her day to day life. You need a genuine proponent for authenticity and sovereignty like her in your circle who’ll help you expand and release limitations." 


"I am so grateful for the chance I had to grasp the hidden cost of stress in our life and more importantly learn the practical exercises to avoid serious illness resulting from it and trauma accumulated over time. Laura is charismatic, authentic, extremely knowledgeable and integral to her commitment to protect our sovereignty and freedom. Laura is a heart-led leader. I admire and cherish how she is helping people to be in alignment with our inner truth. Thank you Laura for your exceptional work as a coach!" 


"Laura has the amazing ability to bring spiritual concepts into the realm of practical life.  She uses real life experiences, that we can relate to,  in a way that grounds and integrates the abstract. She has the beautiful skill of transmuting her rich life experience into nourishment for our hearts, minds and souls. I appreciate so much Laura's integrated perspective and rich wisdom. I am so grateful she is in the world at this time for the transition many of us are experiencing." 

About Laura

I believe everyone deserves to feel good and live life fully. A few years back, I left the corporate world as a change management consultant and executive coach and built a career as a high performance health coach. From there my works focus evolved to mental and emotional wellbeing, resilience and sovereignty. Whilst I've spent thousands of hours studying these topics, my wisdom is grounded in my own lived experience of various personal challenges including; A spiritual awakening and dark nights of the soul; Being broke, homeless and jobless; Abusive relationships; Wellness issues including Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, a Stroke and Cancer; Trauma and limiting mind-body programming. I now guide and support others with their own inner journey, navigating life and creating what they want.

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