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This video workshop is for you if you can relate to any of the following:


  • Angry or frustrated that so many are still asleep to whats “really going on”?
  • Believing you must make others wake up and get them to see the light?
  • Experiencing the pain of conflict with loved ones who aren’t on the same page as you?
  • Upset at the destruction you perceive taking place in the world?
  • Feeling you need to fight the system and the powers that shouldn’t be?
  • Addicted to online content about “whats going on”?
  • Anxious about where things are headed and feeling powerless to stop it?
  • Frustrated when others don't do what you want, or what you think they should do?


If so, I get it. It makes sense. Because I used to experience all of this and was persistently rattled.


After much self exploration, I learnt that the root of it all is the need for control, which is ultimately a need to feel safe/secure in ourselves.


By addressing this, I experienced a life changing shift.


Nowadays I rarely feel stressed or worried, and instead I experience a sense of peace and wellbeing, despite whats going on in the world, or what others do/don't do. In fact I feel more alive, free and inspired than ever.


Join me for THE SOLUTION to discover how I got to this place, and how you can too.



“Thank you!  I could most certainly relate to ALL you spoke to. I hope thousands more listen to this” - Jackie


“This has been so so helpful, thank you so much…. I've been greatly inspired” - Tess


"I got some great insights! I appreciated the practical aspects, and the self inquiry was particularly helpful" - Brian

The full exchange for lifetime access to the digital workshop (90 mins) is $85


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