The worlds top business leaders and entrepreneurs understand that to be their best selves and perform optimally in life, they need to be in top condition; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


The following can be provided in the format of workshops, shorter masterclasses, or longer programmes, all of which can be delivered online. Bespoke solutions can also be designed on request. I invite to to get in touch to discuss your needs.  



Chronic stress and anxiety can damage our motivation, confidence, engagement, decision making, memory, focus, accuracy, creativity, productivity and ultimately our relationships and enjoyment of life. It also damages our immune system and longer term can lead to serious illness and disease.

Through a holistic blend of ancient wisdom and modern science this workshop gets into the roots of the issue, some of which are surprising and little known, and guides participants to unleash their inner alchemist and begin eliminating all unnecessary stress and anxiety from their lives.


Lack of energy is one of the biggest challenges we experience today. Feeling tired and drained has become "the norm" for many and prevents us from performing at our best and enjoying life to the max. At worst it can lead to serious illness.

This workshop explores the top 10 factors driving our lack of physical, mental and emotional energy and provides participants with practical solutions to optimise theirs and reclaim their vitality.


Our modern world and lifestyles are causing many of us to become fragile and feel like crap, because we live in a way that's out of alignment with our natural human design. The food we eat, lack of movement, poor sleep, stress, environmental toxins and disconnection from ourselves, others and nature, is a cocktail that makes our Mind-Body weak and compromises our immune system which can result in frequent illness and slow recovery. Ultimately it impacts how we feel, our behaviour and our performance.


Based on The Five Connections, this workshop educates participants on all the factors which can damage their health and provides practical actions for building Mind-Body resilience to create the biggest impact with the minimum amount of time and effort.