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It's not easy being aware of whats happening out there, and feeling the effects in our own life. Witnessing the "splitting of humanity", the senselessness, the injustices, the abuse, the impact on the next generation is a challenge. Rapid change is taking place. Much of it is so out of alignment with natural law and who we truly are, that its natural for us to be struggling.


You may feel like you need to save others, that you’re being beaten down by the external world, or experience being seen as the villain, censored, criticised and abused by those who have different views and beliefs. You know you came here for this but you also have times you don’t want to experience whats happening. You may be struggling with unpleasant states of mind and emotions eg frustration, anger, sadness, with the way things are and where they may be headed, or repeatedly experiencing mental, emotional and behavioural patterns and cycles which prevent you from rising up and showing up. Perhaps you feel up and down, hopeful then hopeless, out of control or powerless to change things. This can all lead to feeling weighed down, burnt out, overwhelmed or exhausted.


Maybe you consume lots of information - books, podcasts, videos, workshops, courses, but are struggling to put learnings into practice (integrating and embodying) or have been trying different things to feel better but not seeing a significant difference or sustainable change.


We've been conditioned into using band aids and wanting quick fixes. Or trying to focus on love, light and positive thinking only (spiritual bypassing). This doesn’t address the root causes of our challenges. To ascend we have to descend first - inwards. Changing our experience of life, and positively impacting the wider world is driven by inner shifts, but we can’t experience these until we identify and shed whats holding us back, and reconnect with who we truly are.


There is no quick fix.


My private coaching container Root to Rise is for conscious leaders and change makers ready and willing to take personal responsibility for breaking cycles, improving their experience of life and making the world a better place from the inside out. It requires a commitment of 6 months at an investment of $15,000 (payment plans available).


By the end of our 6 month journey you’ll:

- Know and trust yourself more deeply and have greater connection to your inner wisdom 

- Have identified the root causes of your challenges, and why you think, feel and act as you do

- Feel unstuck, and be breaking the shackles of unhealthy patterns and cycles

- Have experienced breakthroughs and inner shifts which are transforming your experience of life, helping you stand in your power and sovereignty and allowing you to show up more fully

- Have more control over your emotions and navigate life with less stress and greater ease

- Be fully equipped with the inner-standing and tools you need to continue on the path of healing, expanding and RISING

If you feel drawn to explore this further I invite you to complete the short form below. Once received I will be in touch to arrange a call to discuss your challenges, and determine whether we both feel its a good match.

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"I'm not the same person I was before hiring Laura. I feel like I've learned a degree in health consciousness, and adopted powerful routines and habits as a result of her coaching. She's freakishly brilliant, and I don’t believe I've ever met anyone who knows as much about as many areas of wellness as she does. And it gets even better. Her level of commitment to her clients is unparalleled. She really cares, and I couldn’t possibly consume all the content that she shares with me specific to my personal health on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels" 


 “I feel blessed to have Laura by my side as a fellow guiding light on this sovereign soul journey. I've encountered quite a few people who are spiritual, however Laura's added emphasis on seeking the truth of what's really going on, doing the inner work and aligning that with the mind body gives her an awesome edge over many coaches. Her knowledge, wisdom and self trust is empowering, while her sense of humour helps me tremendously in dismantling the collective trauma of the trance we've all been under." 


"Laura walks the talk, and has a gift for listening and connecting. Being at a tough point the last few years following massive grief, health challenges that followed, and the current external stressors in the world I have been so grateful to already have access to such a brilliant resource and support system like Laura. If you are looking to step into your own truth, ready to do the work and are committed to the process I am certain you can move mountains with her on your team.


"Im grateful to Laura for her kind words of love, insights, honesty and authenticity... Thank you for creating this platform. It really helps to have a place for support and to know that we're not alone." 




"Living authentically from her heart while staying firmly grounded in truth and sovereignty, Laura has a special resonance to her. She has a natural gift for sharing her knowledge and helping others live authentically and free themselves”