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A transformational programme which helps you reclaim your power, get unstuck, and create more freedom, wealth, and impact 


This is achieved through the discovery and embodiment of your fullest, deepest, most authentic self. Authenticity is the most powerful vibration. When we show up in this way, we're better able to create a life we love, and our message and success goes much farther. The new business model for this decade is authenticity. It's what people are looking for, now more than ever.


However, many of us find this a challenge. In the short video below, Laura explains the root reasons why, and how they'll be addressed in the programme.


YOU QUALIFY FOR THIS PROGRAMME if you're an entrepreneur on the awakening path who values truth and freedom, and can relate to any of the following:


  • You feel stuck and are struggling to create what you want


  • You've already done “personal development” work, but still feel weighed down or held back by limiting beliefs and fears, and frustrated that you keep repeating unhelpful patterns and habits


  • You're currently in a challenging transition period


  • You feel you aren’t fulfilling your potential


  • You're struggling to be prosperous doing what lights you up and makes your heart happy


  • You feel you’re betraying your soul in some way and aren’t fully living the life you dream of


  • You're feeling the call to go inward, to make deeper, lasting changes, and are ready to invest in yourself and your future





Classic "personal development" tends to focus on our mind/thinking. Whilst this is helpful, using the conscious mind and thinking alone doesn't heal the root of our issues. This is because our limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms that we unconsciously developed from emotional trauma and a lifetime of conditioning, and our unprocessed emotions, are held in our body; in our brain and other organs, muscles, fascia, and nervous system.


"Spiritual development" on the other hand tends to focus on getting out of our body and mind which can serve us in a way - if we're able to integrate it - however spiritual practices are often used as a way to escape and deny our other parts which make us human (known as spiritual bypassing). I'm pretty sure God didnt make a mistake when he created us. We are remarkable and complex beings of interconnected mind, body AND soul/spirit.


In ROOT TO RISE we go deeper. We do psychological, somatic and grounded spiritual work, and take practical action, within an inspiring and supportive group container. You'll identify the roots of your limitations and dissolve them, get to know, embrace and integrate all parts of yourself, and connect with your hearts wisdom, your body's intelligence and your inner guidance system. It's from this foundation that you'll build new beliefs, perspectives, patterns, habits and environments which serve you, so that you can expand and rise up.


Root to rise is the catalyst you need, to create an authentic life that you love.




  • Get unstuck and liberate yourself from the beliefs, fears, patterns and habits holding you back


  • Live with a greater sense of purpose and wholeness, and more inspiration, creativity and joy


  • Overcome self-doubt, believe in yourself more, and really go for what your heart wants


  • Do work you love, and create greater reach and impact


  • Create more abundance and prosperity in your life


  • Attract aligned people, opportunities and experiences


  • Cultivate relationships which are healthy and fulfilling


  • Develop the courage to unapologetically express  and live your truth


  • Live life the way you want, not the way others expect


  • Navigate lifes challenges with more confidence and ease


  • Become your own trusted authority, and always know whats best and true for you at any given time, for the rest of your life





  • Laura will hold a zoom call on June 1st to open the programme. In this session, group members will have the opportunity to meet each other, learn how to get the most from the teachings and coaching process, and ask any questions they may have. The most influential external factor for supporting positive change, is the people you surround yourself with. This is what makes this intimate group format so effective. Increasing your confidence and courage, showing up fully and authentially, and creating what you want, is incredibly difficult if you don’t have a support network of others on a similar path, who get you. We are more powerful together, and being part of this programme with others will give you the necessary inspiration, accountability, encouragement and support to get the most value from it.


  • At the start of each week you'll receive a new video teaching.


  • Laura will then hold a weekly 90 minute live group call, via zoom, to dive deeper into that weeks teaching, and also give members the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. These are recorded so you can access and revisit at any time.


  • Additionally, at the end of each month you'll have a private one-on-one session with Laura to discuss your progress and receive deeper personal coaching that supports you with your individual needs and challenges.


  • You'll also be added to a private Telegram group, which will be the container for communication, inspiration, encouragement, accountability and support between live calls. 


  • Once the programme is completed you'll have continued access to the Telegram group, plus exclusive options to continue receiving one-on-one support.



By the end of the 6 month programme you’ll be liberated from your constraints and equipped to create what you truly want, for the rest of your life.


The investment is $5000 in full

Alternatively, affordable 6 and 12 month payment plans are available




If you want to discuss this programme in more detail, or have any questions, please email laura privately: [email protected]





"Laura is the guide my soul had been yearning for. Because she models so well what standing in your truth looks and feels like. I am in deep gratitude to have found her mentorship on my journey. She continually empowers me to peel back the layers of programming, embody my true essence, stand in my truth and most importantly to share the message only I can share. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without Laura"


"I'm not the same person I was before hiring Laura. She's freakishly brilliant, and I don’t believe I've ever met anyone who knows as much about as many areas as she does. And it gets even better. Her level of commitment to her clients is unparalleled. She really cares"


 "Laura is the embodiment of walking the talk. She’s deeply rooted in the values and principles she advocates for, and applies and honors these in her day to day life. You need a genuine proponent for authenticity and sovereignty like her in your circle who’ll help you expand and release limitations." 


"I am so grateful for the chance I had to grasp the hidden cost of stress in my life and more importantly learn the practical exercises to avoid serious illness resulting from it and trauma accumulated over time. Laura is charismatic, authentic, extremely knowledgeable and integral to her commitment to protect our sovereignty and freedom. Laura is a heart-led leader. I admire and cherish how she is helping people to be in alignment with our inner truth. Thank you Laura for your exceptional work as a coach!"


"Laura walks the talk, and has a gift for listening and connecting. Being at a tough point the last few years following massive grief, health challenges that followed, and the current external stressors in the world I have been so grateful to have access to such a brilliant resource and support system. If you are looking to step into your own truth, ready to do the work and are committed to the process I am certain you can move mountains with her on your team.


"Laura has the amazing ability to bring spiritual concepts into the realm of practical life.  She uses real life experiences, that we can relate to,  in a way that grounds and integrates the abstract. She has the beautiful skill of transmuting her rich life experience into nourishment for our hearts, minds and souls. I appreciate so much Laura's integrated perspective and rich wisdom. I am so grateful she is in the world at this time for the transition many of us are experiencing." 


"Laura is a fantastic coach. As a result of working with her I have more confidence and energy, and I now start each day with a spring in my step. Not only do I feel great, its also helped me to be more successful in my business"


“I feel blessed to have Laura by my side as a guiding light on this sovereign soul journey. I've encountered quite a few people who are spiritual, however Laura's added emphasis on seeking the truth of what's really going on, doing the inner work and aligning that with the mind body gives her an awesome edge over many coaches. Her knowledge, wisdom and self trust is empowering, while her sense of humour helps me tremendously in dismantling the collective trauma of the trance we've all been under." 


"Living authentically from her heart while staying firmly grounded in truth and sovereignty, Laura has a special resonance to her. She has a natural gift for sharing her knowledge and helping others live authentically and free themselves”