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Are you in a toxic relationship with social media?


In this 40 minute masterclass you'll learn:


  • The 11 pitfalls of social media
  • The 8 reasons we use it, even when it doesn’t feel good.
  • How to use it more intentionally and consciously 
  • How to make it work for you
  • How to feel better when using it
  • How to lessen your addiction and have more personal agency
  • How to reduce your dependancy on it (for business)
  • How to stop using it (if you want to)
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"Social media is becoming a digital ghetto, full of content addicts, validation seekers, dopamine junkies, attention whores, doom merchants and false idols.

A toxic microcosm, with a culture of “free”, and the ability to manipulate, overwhelm and distract you. A digital slave system where your energy and attention is the product.

If you use social media, but don’t have a healthy liberated relationship with it, then you haven’t “escaped the matrix”, you’re deep in it"

- Laura Bolton