was born and raised in London, England. 

  • have a degree in Psychology, I'm a certified NLP Practitioner and for the last few years I've studied in the fields of Ancestral Health, Functional Medicine and Biohacking.

  • I once had a corporate career spanning 15 years, working in change management, learning & development and executive coaching.

  • Twenty years ago I discovered the world of personal development and have continued to evolve and invest in my personal growth ever since.

  • I'm intellectually curious and love learning. My favourite questions are "why"? and "what if"?

  • consider myself respectfully disruptive, a rebel with a cause so to speak, as I love to question dogma and the status quo. I believe this is the key to our personal freedom and making real progress in the world.

  • I've overcome numerous physical ailments, as well as the symptoms of anxiety, depression and chronic stress. All with zero pharmaceuticals or medical intervention. At one point I found myself without money, house and home, and most of my material possessions. I've experienced bullying and toxic relationships, and many other challenges. Yet I'm grateful for all of it. If it's of interest you can read more about my personal journey here

  • I'm fascinated by the mind - body connection, and it forms an integral part of my work.

  • I have a one life no regrets philosophy so I've created a lifestyle that allows me to be my healthiest self, successfully serve others doing what I love, and have the freedom to travel and experience the wonders of the world. Having travelled to many countries and lived in the UK, Spain and South Africa I now find myself 40 years young and loving life in Bali Indonesia.