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About Me

I was born and raised in London England, where at 18 I ventured off to study Psychology at University. From there I had a 15 year corporate career including change management consultancy and executive coaching.

Eight years ago, I left the confines of the corporate world (where I'll be honest, I never really fitted in), retrained and began working for myself, as a high performance health coach. 

I then began travelling the world and in the past few years I've lived in Spain, Croatia, Cape Town (SA), Bali, the US and Mexico, where I currently reside. 

Over time my work has evolved to focus on mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, resilience and personal sovereignty.

Whilst I've spent many thousands of hours (and dollars) studying these topics, my wisdom is grounded in my own lived experience and overcoming various personal challenges throughout my life, including; A spiritual awakening and dark nights of the soul/ego; Being broke, homeless and jobless; Abusive relationships; Losing friends and family; Wellness issues including Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, a Stroke and "Cancer"; Trauma and limiting beliefs.

And then came the emotional rollercoaster ride many of us have been on since early 2020. For me this has been a challenging time but also an incredible time as its led me to experience an even deeper level of healing, growth and expansion.

I am living proof that you can overcome anything, and thrive, no matter how dire your situation may seem.

Ultimately I believe everyone deserves to experience inner freedom, and I'm here to guide and support other awakening beings with their inner journey, so they can throw off the shackles holding them back, live a fulfilling life and create what they want.