Alignment is the Way

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2023

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Note: I cover this topic in more detail in my podcast episode of the same title HERE

Ive noticed over time that I’m becoming increasingly intolerant to anyone or anything which doesn’t resonate with me. At this point its like whatever feels out of alignment is literally unbearable, at a deep level. This can range from disinterest or discomfort in my body like something feels a bit “off”, to a full on aversion. Things I used to be ok with and tolerate, whether it be certain peoples energy or behaviour, to activities, what online content I consume, and my physical environment are now a clear no no.

Perhaps you can relate?

Alot of people tell me they feel off, like somethings not right. Its either a sense of tiredness, overwhelm or sadness, like a low flat feeling, or more hightened like a sense of agitation and anxiety.

I know these feelings well and I refer to them as “Soulful Depression” or “Soulful Anxiety”. I’ve...

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